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Class descriptions for Gamerunner's YouTube classes are below.  Not every class will run every semester; please check the "Current Schedule" tab above to find out which classes will be running next!

Board Game Reviews for YouTube

  • Two separate classes - Kid/Tween (9-12) and Teen (13 and up)

  • Recommended reading level – comfortable reading/writing English independently.

  • Class size – minimum 3 students to run; 5 student maximum


Gamerunner is excited to announce that we are launching our own YouTube channel!  We believe the gaming world needs to see kids playing tabletop games together and then hearing THEIR take on the game, including whether or not they enjoyed the game and whether they would recommend it to their friends and family.


We are so excited about this class because our Gamerunner-in-Chief will be putting his broadcast journalism degree to use!  So not only will students learn how to play games, but they will learn about broadcast presentation (how to come across best on camera), how to say things that are interesting (editorializing), and some of the technical aspects (like professional video and audio recording). 


Since Gamerunner's inception, we have watched kids play games week after week and we get to see the joy and passion playing games sparks in children and teens.  We think it’s a remarkable and wonderful thing and we want to share it with the world.  Here are a few points to keep in mind:


  • This class will NOT teach students about video editing or production, as these aspects will be produced in-house by our Gamerunner team.  We may offer editing and production in a future class, but the focus of this class will be playing and reviewing games.

  • This is YouTube, so we will discuss the question of monetization.  Currently, Gamerunner has no plans to monetize our YouTube channel, only to get it out there and find an audience!  However, if the channel reaches a tipping point where we feel monetization would make sense, we will offer some form of profit-sharing with the students who appear in the videos.

  • For the sake of identity protection, students’ first names only will be used to ID them when they appear on screen.

  • All students and parents will sign a separate release form to participate in this class.