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Class descriptions for Gamerunner's many tabletop classes are below.  Not every class will run every semester; please check the "Current Schedule" tab above to find out which classes will be running next!
More than a "pay to play" board game group, Gamerunner's tabletop game classes are designed to help students level up their social, strategic, literacy, and numeracy abilities.  Board Games are a great way to practice principles of fair play, inductive and deductive reasoning, and order of operations and executive function skills.  Each class group is unique and will include a range of ages and skill levels, so expect some "how to" content and conversations about how to make the game better for everyone.  If you're interested in having Gamerunner run an "entertainment only" board game group for you, please contact us and we can design and schedule that for your group.


Board Games 101

  • Recommended age level – 9 and up.

  • Recommended reading level – comfortable reading/writing English, independently or with help.

  • Class size – minimum 4 students to run; 8 student maximum.


Board games are experiencing a renaissance, but the number and variety of board games currently on the market can be dizzying.  Where to start?

This program will cover a variety of game types including Euro Games, Resource Management, Land Domination, Cooperative, Short & Sweet, Party Games, and Miniatures.  Each week we will learn and play at least one new board game.

Gamerunner is an advocate of learning through play.  Board games encourage players to overcome challenges using skills like critical thinking, math, reading, role playing, and principles of fair play.  In a busy world that is increasingly centered around computers, board games are also a great way to unplug and spend time with family and friends.  Come see why there is a board game renaissance happening right now!

The Star Wars Trilogy

  • Recommended age level – 10 and up – flexible for returning role players.

  • Recommended reading level – comfortable reading/writing English independently.

  • Class size – minimum 3 students to run; 5 student maximum.


There are so many great Star Wars games out right now and, in this Gamerunner first, we are excited to offer a sampling of three favorites!  Students will play three different Star Wars games over the semester.


First up is Imperial Assault, a tactical maps and minis game where the students will have to work as a team of Rebels who must come up with the best strategy to win against the Empire.  The scenarios change depending on whether the team succeeds or fails and each scenario gets increasingly difficult.  But fear not!  Players can purchase new abilities and awesome gear to swing the odds to their favor.  Will they be able to foil the Empire’s plans or will the Rebels be crushed by Imperial might?  Come see why Imperial Assault is a Gamerunner favorite!


Next up is X-Wing, a dogfighting skirmish game in which students pilot fighter ships into battle.  X-Wing does an excellent job at bringing the tension and fast-paced action of a Star Wars space battle scene to the table top.  The miniatures are lovingly detailed and the mechanics are simple to understand, but flying a spaceship is hard!  Can you blast your opponent to space dust or will you crash into an asteroid or fly off the map, never to be heard from again?  Students will begin learning the basics and then begin to upgrade their ships to bring new, exciting elements to the game.


Finally, students will take on the roles of smugglers, bounty hunters, or mechanics on the far-flung fringes of the galaxy in Edge of the Empire.  Edge of the Empire is a theater-of-the-mind role playing game where players become characters in a Star Wars story all their own.  Like Dungeons and Dragons but less fiddly, this game is a great gateway to RPGs and an interesting new system for D&D veterans.  Students will be part of a collaborative story they’ll remember for a long, long time.  Another Gamerunner fave!