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We are looking forward to playing with you!

Step 1:  Please email regarding enrolling your students in their class(es) of choice and a dedicated Gamerunner will reply to assist you.


Step 2:  Print/complete/return our Gamerunner Enrollment Form and wait for your confirmation email.  We will reply with a confirmation as soon as possible.


Step 3:  If paying with charter school funds, notify your charter school, and if paying by check/cash/PayPal, please make arrangements with Gamerunner directly.


Step 4:  See you in class!


Please remember that Gamerunner classes require a minimum number of students to run (so that you have enough players to play with!)  A great way to ensure that your class meets its minimum student number is to invite your friends to play with you!  Gamerunner classes also have a maximum student number (so that you don’t have to wait an eternity for your turn!)