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Where are Gamerunner classes held?

Our homeschool classes are run out of our Long Beach home (cross streets Spring and Palo Verde.)  We can also come to you with a minimum of four students.


Anything else I need to know about your location?

Glad you asked!  We share our home with cats and a small friendly dog.  Our home is allergy-friendly, with no pets allowed in the workshop, and a pet hair-specific air filter furnished to the game room.  Please take responsibility for any allergy-related accommodations you may need.


What ages are your classes recommended for?

Each class has a suggested lower age limit, but we understand that age is just a number.  If you believe that your child can hang with the bigger kids without disrupting other gamers’ experience, please contact us to talk about enrolling them.


Are your classes only for homeschoolers?

Nope!  We teach and run board games for everyone!  We have class times that suit both school and homeschool schedules.  Please contact us if you are looking for a fun and fantastic after-school program for your public or private school.

Are Gamerunner's game classes just "pay to play" games for entertainment?

No.  Gamerunner's role playing game and board game classes classes are designed to help students level up their social, strategic, literacy, numeracy and collaborative storytelling abilities.  Each class group is unique and will include a range of ages and skill levels, so expect some "how to" content, character upkeep homework in RPG classes, and conversations about how to make the game better for everyone.  If you're interested in having Gamerunner run an "entertainment only" game for your party, please contact us and we can design and schedule a game for your group.


Can you come to me and run games for my local group?

Sure!  We are happy to come to your co-op, park day (weather permitting), or home for private classes.


Are you a charter school vendor?

We are  an approved vendor with iLEAD, Inspire, Sage Oak, Sky Mountain, Excel, SCALE Academy, and Summit, and will be adding new charters in the order requested by current charter families wishing to use their funds for our classes.  Please contact us if you want us to connect with your charter school, or for quicker service, request us as a vendor directly from your charter school.


What do I need to bring along? 

Gamerunner provides everything you need for our classes, but feel free to bring your lucky dice!

Where else can homeschoolers play games and meet other Gameschooling families?

You can join us at GameSchoolCon!  Don't miss it!